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Kicad Schematic for Minty Boost

Posted in Electronics, Minty Boost on March 31, 2011 by themidnightengineer

Minty Boost is an open-source hardware design developed by ladyada. It is a battery powered USB charger for mobile devices such as cell phones, including the iPhone.

ladyada used Eagle to design the PCB and had it manufactured by a PCB shop. I don’t like Eagle because the freeware version has limited capability and I don’t want to pay for the full version. My plan is to use KiCad, which is open-source, to recreate the latest schematic done by ladyada, and make the PCBs myself using homebrew techniques. 

My KiCad schematic is shown below.

The design is centered around the LT1302 fixed 5V DC/DC converter with high current output. Next, I have to create footprint modules for a few of the components.