San Pellegrino Candles


4 Responses to “San Pellegrino Candles”

  1. There is something curiously attentive about the synchonisation between your determined precision and lust for control over your creative exploits and mastery over material precipitation almost of an obsessive control that your inception of male identity of the asian persuasion will to be fulfilled. thus i find your works and presentation of a high artistic and controlled nature and a positive expression of asian american art and male singlemindedness. an alternative expression of voice and yet a scientific expression of paradoxical expression that has found peace in its absoluteness and definition in contrast to the maniacal randomness of societal identity. you footbinder.

  2. Fortunately for you, I do have a taste for academic sounding bombastic rhetoric. Well done. Who are you?

  3. All I was going to say was, “looks good”. Then I read the first comment and was like “my english vocabulary clearly will not match this one.

  4. Catwalq, not everyone has to sound like they’re giving a PhD dissertation. On a blog comment, no less. The best writing is simple and clear…less headache that way.

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