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San Pellegrino Candles

Posted in Candle Making on November 18, 2010 by themidnightengineer


Mysterious Car Battery Drainage Problem Solved

Posted in Auto Maintenance, Electronics on November 10, 2010 by themidnightengineer

As mentioned here, I had a problem where something was draining the juice from the battery in my car. I was able to find out, by troubleshooting the fuse boxes, that it had to do with the stereo system.

Removing the radio unit, however, did not make the problem go away. There was something else that was causing the drain.

After consulting the schematic from my Haynes repair manual and much searching, it turned out to be the stereo component amplifier, a separate unit that was located below the front passenger seat.

The green outline boxes in the photo above shows signs of water stains on the unit.

Opening the unit and inspecting the circuit board inside reveals water damage causing short circuits.