Soju Bottles are Superior to Heineken Bottles

Until now, Heineken was my favorite bottle of choice when it comes to bottle cutting. Tonight I experimented with a Jinro Chamilsul soju bottle. The results can be seen above.

The most obviously noticeable thing is that the soju bottle is almost twice as thick as the Heineken. The other thing I noticed is that the soju bottle also splits in much more cleaner manner.

The soju bottle is on the left and the Heineken is on the right. Compared to the Heineken, there are less chip marks on the cut edge. In fact, the soju bottle split so well that I don’t think it is necessary to grind the edge like I have to with the Heineken. I’m still not sure, though, whether this is due to the fact that the soju bottle is made of better glass or if it’s because my bottle cutting skill has improved. For the Heinekens, I am currently finishing the post-grind edge with a rub of petroleum jelly and a coating of nail polish hardener.

I need to get a decent macro lens to take better close-up photos.


One Response to “Soju Bottles are Superior to Heineken Bottles”

  1. I have made similar remarks before! Not with soju bottles, though. With Apple Sidra soda cans. Apple Sidra is a Taiwanese (I think) carbonated beverage and it comes in a can that you cannot crush with your bare hands. You need a hammer to put a dent in it. It’s constructed like a Volvo. Craziness. On the other hand, Coco-Cola and Sprite cans are junk. Also, the juice boxes that Asian drinks come in feel sturdier than American juice boxes. Funny.

    You should fill up these sawed off bottles with soy wax and make a bunch of green candles to light up a room. How neato would that be!

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