Homebrew Wax Melter

I bought a Presto Electric Kitchen Kettle for $30 at Amazon. Normal people use it to cook food. I use it to melt candle wax.  As shown in the photo, I added a little modification. I drilled a hole and installed a ball valve on the side of the Presto for pouring liquid wax into a container.

There are other ways to melt wax. One can use a pot and an electric burner. But that’s two separate pieces of equipment. The Presto combines a pot and a burner into one unit, which is very convenient. Professional wax melting equipment can cost around $1000, which is way beyond my budget.

I’m pleased with this solution and works well.


One Response to “Homebrew Wax Melter”

  1. dear sir can the candle be use in the uk

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